Monday, June 6, 2011

Malay music broadcast in Australia

Years ago when I was a student in the US, it was a special treat to visit the Chinese grocery shop on rare occasions. The smell of familiar Chinese foodstuff and the sound of Chinese music was enough to trigger a bout of nostalgia. Nowadays in Melbourne I feel like I am in a Chinese community all the time, so the visit to the Chinese grocery shop has become not a treat but a daily routine.

Last night, however, it was a rare trip down memory lane to hear a long forgotten Malay/Indonesian song over the Melbourne airwaves. I happened to be tuned in to 3ZZZ on FM 92.30, at around 11pm (Sunday). It was actually a broadcast in Malay (not Indonesian). I was pleasantly surprised to hear the song "Mimpi Yang Sedih" being played, among other Malay songs.

If you want to listen to this delightful song once more, go to Youtube: . You'll love this!

And if you want to hear Bengawan Solo, click:

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