Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canon Powershot G11

Here is a compact camera worth considering. The newly released Powershot G11 is a compact camera that should satisfy a large segment of users, from professionals to non-photographers who want a very good camera without all the hassles of an SLR. My enthusiasm for this camera is solely based on the information released on 19th Aug 2009. I am sure that before long there will be many reviews abuzz on the internet. Chances are, the reviews will be good based on the pedigree of this model, going all the way back to the highly popular G5. The G series has since become a compact camera of choice among DSLR users who need a backup, carry-anywhere camera.

G11 brings back the articulated LCD, much to my delight. Movie resolution is still 640x480 30fps, but in the newer H.264 format. Flash sync speed has increased to 1/2000sec, while max ISO went upto 3200 from 1600 . Apart from those, the other critical specs are still the same as for the G10: 5x zoom, f2.8 lens with F2.8-F4.5 maximum aperture. Pixel count dropped from 14MP to 10MP in the G11 (but supposedly better sensitivity CCD).

Spec-wise, the G11 could do better by giving us HD movie and F2.0-3.0 lens (as it did with the G5 a long time ago). I would be happy to pick this one up if I were to get a new compact camera today.

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