Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wearing earphones in public

Do you notice how many people go around in public with a pair of earphones stuck in their ears? Do you realize that it is almost invariably the young people who are so into music that they must have music piped into their ears all the time? Or is it to send a message to people around not to intrude into the person's privacy?

Of course, what I am about to say is just a matter of perspective. I can imagine that to a deaf person, natural sound and even naturally-occurring noise would be sweeter than music to his ears. Not even the finest music composed by man can sound better than the sweet chirping of a bird, or the soothing sound of palm leaves swaying in the wind. So, before you start piping music into your ears and cause premature deafness to set in, think about what you are going to miss in the future. Picture a world where there is permanently complete silence, and you may start to appreciate what you can hear.

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