Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Same scene, different times

Today after dinner my wife and I sat at the dinner table as we usually do. Our children have left the table and they were just going about doing their own things. We were left to oursleves. Just the two of us. I played the guitar while my wife read the papers. Just a typical after-dinner scene in our family. One thought came to me this evening, though. It could have been a scene during our courting days. During those days the two of us used to sit by ourselves at the dinner table (minus the dinner). I didn't play the guitar then and she didn't read the papers. We just talked.

I just wonder how it will be like in ten or twenty years' time. The children would be on their own by then, and so we would be re-playing the same scene again. Yes, probably the same scene, but different times.

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