Friday, June 20, 2008

My experience with Ubuntu 7.04

I often wondered what it would be like to use Linux. 'Often marveled at the tenacity of those who strive at it for free, to bring about a better deal for people who not only want an alternative to Microsoft's OS but believe in fair play.

So what is it like to run Ubuntu, one of the latest packaging of Linux? I have had no prior experience with anything Linux. Yesterday I decided to download Ubuntu 8.04, the latest version to-date. Burned the image file into a DVD, and installed it on a free drive in my computer. Booted up from the DVD and waited for about 15 minutes for the software to install itself. It was very simple. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason the network connection failed to install automatically. Otherwise, the installation proceeded to completion.

Next, I took out an older version of Ubuntu; ver 7.04. Burned the image file into a CD-ROM. I was pleasantly surprised that I could boot up from the CD itself without installing anything. It worked flawlessly and booted up without a fuss. Even the network connection worked. With renewed confidence in Ubuntu, I decided to install a copy on my hard drive. Now I can boot up from either my old XP or with the new Ubuntu. Happily, my previously installed XP still works, and so does the newly installed Ubuntu.

Stay tuned as I explore what Ubuntu can or cannot do...

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