Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why not a corded phone?

Why would one place multiple wired telephone points in the home? Isn't it obvious that cordless phones have made that obsolete? Yet I did it (added new phone points). I have a phone point in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the study and one in the rumpus room. There are merits to the good old corded phone: it does not require an additional power supply with its ubiquitous stepdown transformer running from the power socket to the charger; and when you get an incoming call, you don't have to look for a stray cordless phone that isn't where you thought it was; and it never runs out of battery when you are in the middle of a long conversation.

Yes, a good old corded telephone sits quietly where it should be and where it has always been. It never breaks down and it never fails you in terms of voice quality. It holds its place as a humble and faithful servant in the house. When you call someone on his corded phone, you can picture where he is and you know you have his full attention; that is, he is not multitasking his time while you have to keep repeating what you've just said. Finally, a working antique phone even doubles up as a decorative item, much like a vintage car that you would collect if you have cash to spare.

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