Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04

Now I am forced to install Ubuntu 8.04, which I aborted in my first installation (see earlier blog). After reformatting the unused partition of the hard drive that was installed with Ubuntu 7.04, I was not able to run or reinstall 7.04 again. Fortunately I came across "Wubi" which can automatically install Ubuntu directly from the internet for me. Install it did! Just only small click, enter the drive to install, name, password... and bang! The whole 700MB of Ubuntu 8.04 downloaded and installed itself, and allowing me to select XP or Ubuntu at boot up time. At the end of it, I could click on Firefox and surf the net rightaway. That was the best OS installation experience I have ever had.

Now I am ready for Ubuntu again. My experience with using the 8.04 is very good so far. It feels a lot more like what I have come to expect from XP. My goal is to see if Ubuntu can totally replace Windows for "all" my computing needs. (Caveat: of course I will still need one working computer on Windows to run Photoshop and video editing)

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