Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Digital painting

When I was in college I bought an easel and tried my hand at oil painting. I actually did a complete canvas and eventually gave it to a friend when I left America. It was a delight to see the image progressing from an empty canvas into a completed work. In the same way, when you develop pictures in the darkroom, it is exciting to see the image slowly appearing before your eyes.

Corel Painter actually lets you draw or paint digitally, as well as automatically transforming the picture for you. This is where the fun begins. The picture shown here is half painted by Corel Painter and half by me using digital brushes and ink on a computer screen. Now that I have tried real digital painting and real oil painting, I must say the Corel Painter software does quite an amazing job of emulating the real thing! You can choose the brush type, different media, as well as applying wet or dry paint, etc, etc. (Photoshop has Brushes too, but I haven't tried that yet)

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