Thursday, September 10, 2009

Internet power = people power

Three days ago I wrote about petrol pump irregularities. A friend of mine commented that I should report this to the authorities. Well, in a way I am doing my part by reporting this in my blog and encouraging friends to read about it. Would you do your part to get your friends to read about it too? If all my friends forward the link for "Watch where you pump your petrol" to their friends, in no time this will spread to an astronomical number of people and this apparent dishonesty will soon find a solution. I believe this country has regulators who are genuinely interested to do their job. If news like this gets to be so widespread that it becomes common knowledge, rogue bowsers will soon be brought in line.

I admit it; I am not cut out to be a fighter. A writer I might be. It takes a lot more effort than just reporting to the authorities. I would rather not start something that I can not see through to the end. If any of my readers feel motivated to do so, he is welcome to pick up on the case.

That is not to say we should resign to accept status quo. Ferdinand Marcos was toppled by people power, harnessing the SMS of their mobile phones to rally the nation. If we do likewise using the internet or email, we can amass unprecedented strength in number to fight any social injustice. "The pen is mightier than the sword" rings true once more. Or shall I say, Mighty Mouse to the rescue!

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