Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wacom multi-touch tablet

Shortly after I bought the Bamboo Fun tablet, I told a friend that it would be nice if the tablet had a touch pad just like what you find on a laptop computer. A little bird must have heard me and told Wacom about it. What do you know, just 2 days ago Wacom announced their new multi-touch technology. The second generation Bamboo Fun tablet now works both as a touch pad and as a pen input device, all for about the same price as what I paid earlier. With it also comes the Corel Painter 4, as well as the latest release of Photoshop Elements (Elements 7 for Windows).

That's it, this is a must-have device for one of these people:
1. those who need a pen input device for Photoshop, like me.
2. those who want a better input device than a mouse, like me.
3. those literally in pain from using a mouse (repetitive stress syndrome), like me.

Go out and get one. I recommend the Bamboo Fun range. Choose the smallest pad. It is cheaper, takes up less space on your table, and you can move your cursor faster across the screen. Only a graphics artist has any need for anything larger than the smallest tablet.

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