Friday, September 25, 2009

First pay day

We had dinner with some friends last night. On one of the conversation topics, one of our friends talked about how he felt when he got his first pay working as a pharmacist. He said he was paid in cash on that day. He felt so elated that he went straight to a restaurant and ordered a meal all by himself. I can imagine the feeling; finally you have arrived at the real world of working adults. You feel a great sense of worth because you are being recompensed for professional services rendered.

I believe that that point in a person's life is the apex of the feeling of being rich. You'll never feel richer than when you get your first pay. Very soon after that you will be mired in utility bills that you have raked up yourself, car installment, house mortgage payment, insurance, tax, repair and maintenance, traffic offenses, and buying things you don't really need but want. And social entertainment... you can't be a loner. Then you get married and have children... more expenses... No matter how much more you earn thereafter, you'll never again get that same feeling of being superbly.

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