Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oz education system in shambles

Perhaps I should just say it is the post secondary education system here (and minus the top tier universities) that is rotten at the core. Yes, I did say rotten "at" the core and not "to" the core. I still have faith that Australian colleges and universities have great facilities, great syllabus, great material, and great lecturers. But, oh, the rort that is going on rivals (or perhaps exceeds!) that in third world countries....! This is not just gathering from what is published in the newspapers. One only has to speak to the teachers or students in second tier universities, or any vocational colleges. He or she will very quickly and easily find that the situation is unbelievably out of control. I am not saying this out of spite, but I do hope that some educationists or politicians will pick up on this and do something to rectify the situation.

I am attending some night classes at a local college. Some of my fellow students are themselves part-time teachers there. They tell me that many of their students do not turn up for classes, but they are pressured by the college to give the students a "pass". Likewise for those who don't bother to turn in their assignments or plagiarize wholesale from the internet. The reason is that many of the students are paying foreign student tuition fees, which is a small fortune. I have heard similar stories from students in other colleges and from my son's friend. Another friend of mine took up an MBA course at a well known local university. He says that some of the students do not do any given assignments, but are still allowed to pass.

Why is this happening? The Howard government left the schools short of funds. They are encouraged to sell education to foreign students. While there are genuine students, there are also heaps of non-genuine ones who use this as an opportunity to gain residency in the country. This arrangement is falling apart now, but that's another story. As far as education is concerned, WHAT IS THE EDUCATION MINISTER DOING? The rort is spilling everywhere. Surely the shame and the shambles must have gone to the ears of the politicians by now.

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