Sunday, May 2, 2010

Debutante ball in Australia

This is not a wedding scene. It is a group of students going to the debutante ball. My daughter is one of them. This picture is taken in front of my house. The black Hummer limousine was hired by the participants to take them to the ball. By definition, this event signifies a young lady's entry into society.

Australian high schools have a tradition of holding the debutante ball for their Year 11 students (i.e 16 year-olds). The girl get to invite a boy from the same school year and in the same school to be their partner for the ball. For this year, thirty-four debutantes participated, which is about 20% of the students in my daughter's year. What happens if a boy wants to participate but is not invited by any girl? Too bad for him; he can only go as a guest.

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