Friday, May 28, 2010

What tyres to buy?

When my Camry had done 100,000km, I had already used up two sets of tyres. One set came with the new car (Dunlop?) and the second set was Bridgestone. Each set lasted me about 50,000km. At that point I decided to try the Hankook tyres, which are significantly cheaper. I have driven for about 42,000km now on the Hankook tyres, made a few trips to Adelaide, and have found no difference in driving experience. The tyres look like they could easily last me a further 10,000km. Verdict: I will definitely continue to use Hankook tyres, as they are much cheaper than the more established Dunlop or Bridgestone tyres. Hankook tyres last as long and they do not give me any difference in performance. I had only one puncture so far and that was caused by a nail. Thumbs up for Hankook.

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