Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will Google stand up to the iPad?

Google has been strangely silent about the iPad, but I predict that it will have to respond to it somehow. After all, the Google's Android is pretty much an obvious attempt to unseat the iPod and the iTunes apps store. At the same time, Bill Gates of Microsoft must be wondering why he failed miserably while Apple is buoyant with success. The mighty Microsoft has spent 15 years and made several attempts to produce a tablet PC, none of which has come close to seeing daylight. The iPad, on the other hand, couldn't even find its way to the market shelf without being snapped up by pre-orders.

Somebody has to come up with a formidable challenge to the iPad. It has to happen. Will it be Sony, Acer, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Amazon, or Microsoft (with its umpteenth attempt at it)? All of these companies have a portion of their business at stake to defend against the iPad onslaught. It is even more bewildering to think that the technology is not exclusive to Apple: touchscreen LCD screen and so on... not such a big deal, really. So why hasn't anyone succeeded?

Google is the only company that managed to tame Microsoft, so I think again it is the only company that can tame Apple. I am waiting to see Google's respond to the iPad. When that happens, I am sure Apple will certainly sit up. I will.

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