Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Notes to myself: white balance settings

White balance has always been a big issue for me. I have an Expodisc that really does a great job of calibrating the WB in any lighting condition... except that I seldom use it. The setting up is a chore. Shooting RAW and doing post processing in Lightroom has finally removed all my WB anxiety. I have since then been using Auto WB almost exclusively. Well, that is about to change.

Reading the tips from Neil van Niekerk, I think his approach is worth emulating. He says:
1. Strive for a pleasing WB instead of spending a lot of time trying to get it exactly right. Then use post processing to fine tune it.
2. Instead of using Auto WB, use one of the Presets (Daylight, Shade, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Flash). Then the WB in all the shots can be tweaked by the same amount.

Having said all that, I have been getting satisfactory WB for outdoor shots using Auto WB. I see no reason to change that. However, under artificial lighting, I think I'll take Neil's advice and use one of the Presets.

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