Saturday, May 29, 2010

Honest ads

Every political party thinks nothing of spending millions of dollars on advertisements. They call it educating the public and they feel it is proper use of taxpayers' money. What I'd really like to see is that the education effort goes beyond telling the public what a wonderful job they have been doing. I would like to see some honest ads.

We have seen advertisements that are used to teach people about the cancer-causing effects of cigarette smoking. To discourage drink driving, there are displays of mangled cars and pictures of accident victims. I call these honest ads because they are honest use of the taxpayers' money.

Honest ads should be extended to other vices too. It would be good to see an ad on every poker machine advising the player of his odds of winning. Television commercials should show people the ugly consequences of a family bankrupted by gambling. I would love to see advertisements telling people about computer games addiction. How about social etiquette? Perhaps people need to be shamed into not taking supermarket trolleys to their homes. What about graffiti? The list goes on and on. I think an honest premier or prime minister should stop misusing public funds on so-called educational advertisements, which are usually nothing more than political campaigns to win votes. Instead, they should run more honest ads for the public good. Honestly.

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