Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Colour laser printer

Laser printers are great; colour lasers are even better. I have just bought a Samsung printer for $158, heavily discounted from its usual price of $350. I did a test run yesterday. The first page above (click to enlarge) is an automatically generated test page and it gives you details about this printer. The second one is a jpeg file that I printed. I used my camera to take a snapshot of these pages and posted them here. A laser printer is probably more economical than an inkjet for people who don't print often. Ink cartridges dry up very quickly while the toner in a laser printer won't. So if you come across a great buy like this, it's time to replace your inkjet printer. By the way, there are four toner cartridges in this colour laser printer, and they cost $75 each. You might want to look for generic toners.

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