Monday, June 14, 2010

My new solar panel

Today the workers came to install my solar power generator. I must say that my notion of a solar generator has been pretty outdated. I confess that I had this idea of a bank of storage batteries to store up the power generated during the daytime, to be used at night. Instead, the panels that you can see in the picture are enough to generate 1.5kW of electricity in the broad daylight. DC current is converted to AC through the "inverter" unit (see other picture). There are no storage batteries; all excess power generated is directly fed back into the grid. Hence, in the daytime if your usage is less than what is generated, the electricity meter will actually go backwards!


tissueeee said...
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wei said...

indeed a very enviromental-friendly invention. Malaysian homes and industries ought to use more of these; our solar resource here is truly underutilised.

Cassie said...

Why should you not be so happy about your installed solar panel? Well, if you would ask me, I'd rather have a home powered by the sun rather than have a home with a huge amount of electricity bill.. But yeah, good decision on having a solar panel installed on your home.. :)