Sunday, June 13, 2010

What every photographer needs: a reliable display

I thought my D90 was having a problem with getting the right exposure. First, I thought it was due to the camera not being accurately calibrated. Then I thought it might be due to the fact I have started to shoot in RAW and that perhaps the RAW files have not been optimized for viewing. So I lived with the problem for some time, painfully adjusting the exposure in post processing. It was therefore a great relief to find out that when I changed over to another computer, the images now look like they should be. This computer has a good VGA card, while the previous one only had the display module built into the motherboard.

I think I have just learned a very important lesson in photography: you really can't trust what you see on the screen, unless you have a reliable display. It follows that if you can't trust what you view on the screen, you are really handicapped when it comes to reviewing the images you have shot. You will literally be shooting in the dark.

(Perhaps all I had needed was for my LCD display profile to be calibrated, but I had to change over to another computer anyway, so I did not bother to check if the problem would have been fixed by simple calibration, instead of having a good VGA card)

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