Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I think of the iPad

Now the the iPad has reached Australia, I finally had a chance to try my hands on a display unit at the shops. It really feels good. Great toy. If you want to pamper yourself, go out and get one. It is both useful and entertaining.
a) It makes a great picture viewer. You'll have to spend about $250 to get a picture viewer of the same size.
b) It also makes a great ebook reader. Though I don't read a lot of books, the iPad might just turn me into a bookworm. The thought of being able to carry all the magazines and books in one little iPad is very appealing.
c) Of course, to have the internet access wherever and whenever you feel like it... what more can I say?

Would I buy one now? No. I am waiting to see what all the competitors are going to come up with in the next few months. Particularly the ones based on the Android system.

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