Friday, June 25, 2010

What's your gadget?

On the radio talk show yesterday morning, the topic was "What's your gadget?" Several people called up to talk about what their favourite "gadgets" . One mentioned that she's got a cast iron saucepan that she has kept and used for 40 years (strictly speaking, I wouldn't call a saucepan a gadget). Another woman said she has an egg beater that she's kept for 30 years and she wouldn't use any other. I think such an attitude of thrift is laudable. People nowadays have a throwaway mentality. They just love to buys things and they love to be able to throw away the old and buy new ones every now and then. The mobile phone, the computer, clothes, the car, the kitchen appliance, and household furniture are just some examples. Therefore it was refreshing to hear on the radio show yesterday that there are people who actually cherish the old and keep on using the same things for as long as possible. We should all adopt that attitude. It is not just the money you save; it is also the time you spend in shopping and trying out new things. We could all live a richer life and be more environmental-friendly if we are less wasteful. We will learn to be more appreciative of the simple pleasures in life that do not come in attractive packagings.

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