Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life in a small town

One of the most refreshing books I have ever read is based on a small town in rural America. It describes the colorful characters of the various people who live in the small town, the problems they face and the aspiration they harbour. I cannot remember the name of the book nor its author. When I tried to google for "small town, USA" I found that there are many similar books. Probably many of them as just as interesting too. I consider myself to be very fortunate for having grown up in a small town in Malaysia. That is why I could relate so well to the book I mentioned earlier.

The book helped to open my eyes to the intricacies that make small town life so interesting. This is why I love to drive through the little towns on the numerous trips I have made between Melbourne and Adelaide. When I see schoolchildren in such places, I am reminded of my own school life during my childhood days. A group of loitering teenagers will trigger memories of my own teenage life in a small town. I can imagine they too enjoy the same simple pleasures that thrilled us back then. Even a deserted street reminds me of the sleepy hollow that I call hometown. That book has helped me to find expression about my own small town life and I want to discover it again. It is one of those books that can made reading an unforgettable experience in itself. Perhaps by chance I might run into that book again - one of these days.

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