Saturday, February 12, 2011

A very practical mobile phone

Here is a practical little mobile phone that I just bought for my wife to replace her current one. It is an unlocked Nokia C1-00, costing AUD$59 at Officeworks. My wife seldom uses the mobile. She keeps it only for just-in-case use, which becomes very handy when we go window shopping. Her phone bill on the TPG $1 plan is less than $3 a month.

Here are a few unique and outstanding features:
1. Long battery life. It can last up to 6 weeks of standby time on a single charge.
2. Dual SIM card. You can switch between SIM cards, although only one will be active at a time. This is great when you go travelling overseas (plus it is a cheap phone, fully unlocked).
3. Large font. For dialing out, the font is extra large. My wife has complained that she could not read the numbers on her phone.

This phone can hold its own up against many giants:
a. As an entertainment gadget. Notice how people who are sitting alone in a cafe like to play with their smartphones to look occupied? Well, this phone has a built-in FM radio. Before you ask; no, you can't download and play MP3 on it.
b. As a torch light. Notice how many people use their phone as a torch light in the dark? This phone, unlike many giants, has a built-in LED torch.
c. Many ringtone options, handsfree speaker phone, predictive text for SMS, 500-number address book, alarm clock, calendar, reminders, Sudoku, etc.

What would have made it perfect:
If only this phone has bluetooth for handsfree car kit use, I wouldn't want any other phone, smartphone or otherwise! For anything more, I would get a tablet or an iPad.

(Update: Oh yes, Nokia did produce an upgraded model called the C2-00. This is like the C1-00, sporting dual SIM, torch, radio, and all the features mentioned above. In addition, it has bluetooth, VGA camera, and voice memo. I find all of these additions to be very welcome indeed. This phone should be available in Q1 2011. The price is yet unknown, neither do we know if it is going to be locked to any service provider)

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