Friday, February 18, 2011

Passion and creativity

Much as I try, sometimes it is impossible to come out with anything to blog about. My ideas run as dry as my imaginary inkwell. Writer's block, some may call it. I gradually realized that I am at my best when I don't try at all; when I simply write about things that I am passionate about. Then, the words just come naturally. I don't even have to think of the words to use.

When one is passionate about something, the effort to do it is often not greatly felt. Whether it is photography or blogging, I find that my best works are the spontaneous products of passion. If I try to write about something, I don't enjoy it half as much. I would feel that the work is artificially contrived and lacks creativity.

Indeed, creativity seems to be the product of passion. If this theory is correct, then God created the world in a moment of great passion. We, who are created in God's image, also has this innate creativity. When our passion is ignited, our creative ability comes into focus. That is when we are able to give our best to whatever we are trying to do.

Think about it; effort without passion is simply work; everyone gets paid for doing it. Is your hobby your passion or your work?


NKoh said...

Thanks Yit Meng

I agree wholely with you. Effort without passion is just work. Passion lights up the world.

God must have created the heavens and the earth with a passion for at the end of the 7 days he said that it was very good.

I suppose it was passion that mad e the angels cry out "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom His favour rests!" too, on that fateful night in the fields.

YM said...

I agree with you. God would not have said it was good unless he had a passion for doing what he did.