Monday, February 28, 2011

Portraits (using only window lighting)

I enjoy taking portraits because it is solely focused on the individual. In that one image, everything you see is about that person. It is my challenge is to make him feel special and admired (although it may be just the image and not the person that is the object of admiration).

This morning we had a portraits taking session at Ray Neville's house. Here are pictures of the three persons who modeled for us.

The picture of Ray lends itself nicely to black and white, as the lighting is strongly on one side. The light was from the window. In fact all three shots were taken with just window lighting, plus reflectors where necessary. Garett reminds me of hand painted portraits of past generals, so I had him pose sideways. Kingshuk has a marvelous skin tone that I am really, really pleased with. These three shots are going to my Picasa photo gallery.

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