Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review of Kindle book cover (lighted)

I have two Kindle e-readers, one of which I bought for my son to use. I have recently purchased a second book cover. This time it is the lighted one. Here's my review.

The lighted cover costs about US$60, minus shipping. The non-lighted one costs about US$40, but it is no longer available from Amazon. They look almost the same, except for a pull-out LED light, which draws its power from the Kindle itself through the metal hinges (very clever).

Here are the significant differences. First, the lighted one is about 50 grams heavier than the non-lighted one. It weights 233 grams. The Kindle itself weighs only 225 grams. Second, it is actually slightly thicker, especially on the bottom cover where it houses the LED light (see picture).

Bottomline: The lighted cover is not bad because it enables me to read without ambient light. The light doesn't glare, therefore I am quite pleased with the quality. It would be perfect if it weren't so heavy. Perhaps Amazon might consider making the next one out of lightweight synthetic material instead of leather.

(Concerning the weight, I never thought of it when I was carrying the unlighted cover Kindle, which was only 50 grams lighter. This one does seem a little heavy at times. I wonder how anyone could carry the iPad for long when using it as an e-reader)


jo pearse said...

This Kindle Lighted Cover is excellent and well designed, however it is very expensive. It is almost as much as a Kindle itself, my website http://www.kindlelightedcover.org.uk/ offers a very similar product at a fraction of the cost at £17.95, which is much more reasonable I think you will agree. Would be interested to hear your comments on whether you think.
Many thanks

YM said...

Hi Jo, thanks for your post. I've had a look at your website. Your Kindle cover is pretty nice too. However, I prefer the hinged attachment of my Kindle cover over the elastic band to hold the Kindle in place. But I agree within you; the Amazon cover does come at a hefty price.