Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you nice?

I watched an interesting clip on Youtube this morning. The URL is

There is a serious message in the clip, but first let me digress a little. The protagonist says the origin of the word "nice" is not pleasant. I have checked it out and what she says is true. "Nice" comes from the Middle English word meaning "stupid"; from Old French nescius meaning "ignorant"; and from Latin nescire meaning "not know". So the next time somebody says you are nice, it could be a subtle way of telling you that you have been had!

Now for the serious message. This lady believes that Western civilization, the Constitution of America, and Orthodox Christianity are all dying. The reason is that these institutions are taught that being nice (in the modern sense of the word) is a virtue. As a result, they are digging their own graves. I agree with what she says. The only part I have trouble with is, she thinks the Bible should not be teaching us to be nice. Is the Bible leading all of us to self destuction? I do not think so. The Bible also tells us to beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were told not to take any prisoners alive when conquering the promised land (that's not very nice!). Jesus himself displayed his anger when he went to the temple and saw money changers and traders in the house of worship.

Yes, we are in a civilization upheaval now. We are being foolishly nice in sticking to political correctness while ignoring the other virtue of being watchful for the enemies. Being "nice" to everyone all the time can certainly carry two implications: nice as in pleasant, or nice as being ignorant and stupid. The word has not lost its original meaning after all.

If you are a Christian, how does this thought strike you?

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