Friday, April 29, 2011

What I did not see at the royal wedding

I watched the royal wedding of William and Kate with my family just now. I have to say that the camera crew did a remarkable job from behind the scene - not one of them was in sight! You can tell that the wedding ceremony has been shot from many angles in the Westminster Abbey. Yet not a single scene reveals where the cameras have been placed. Even the marriage vows of the new royal couple are clearly audible; so where is the zoom microphone? Out in the street, you can see the procession being shot from many places along the sideline, yet not a single time was any camera or reporting crew in sight.

The other interesting thing  I observed is the absence of flash going off. Watching the Beijing Olympics on my home TV in 2008, I could see the flash going off ceaselessly among the audience. Probably the guests in the Westminster Abbey have been asked not to take any pictures. Out in the street, even though it was bright day you would normally see a flash going off now and then, but I did not see any this time. That's unusual.

Oh yes, it was a great wedding. Here's is a souvenir shot of the royal couple. Since everyone is hyped up about the balcony kiss, I couldn't resist bringing out my camera to take this shot....on TV.

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