Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kindle e-reader for US$114

It is official now. Kindle has lowered the price of its Kindle 3 Wifi-only version. See:

The Kindle 3 used to sell for US$139. With the $AUD now stronger than ever, you can actually get it for a real bargain compared to the time I bought a few months ago. The price is now US$114, which is close to AUD$104 at today's conversion rate. That's a whopping 30% off the price I paid! If you ever felt like swapping your newspaper for electronic newspaper (and save a few trees in your lifetime), now is your opportunity.

Recently I have the opportunity to compare my Kindle with an iPad 2 side by side. Together with the cover, my Kindle weighs 400g, while the iPad 2 weighs about 740g. When holding the iPad 2, I have to be extra careful because it seems like it will shatter if accidentally dropped. On the other hand, the Kindle with its cover feels like it can easily survive a drop or two. The Kindle is practically smudge-free. It has a matte screen and a matte bezel, while the iPad 2 has a shiny surface which is impossible to keep smudge-free. As for reading, I feel that the Kindle handles reading better because I can hold it in many ways and I will not accidentally get switched to another page.On the iPad 2 you have to be careful about touching the screen. For reading enjoyment, Kindle is still the best. It is easy on the eye and the battery lasts for weeks on a single charge. Having said that, I will still eventually buy an iPad or an Android tablet, but it is to replace my desktop and not my Kindle.

(Note: there are strong rumours that Amazon is working on an Android-based tablet. It could be something like the Nook Color from competitor Barnes and Nobles. I suspect that will complement Amazon's product range but not replace the e-ink reader)

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