Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lycamobile vs Lebara

I am of the opinion that local telcos are gouging the public. Therefore I am always on the lookout for better rates, and then helping to publicise it. This is the only way that the telcos will face the impact of real competition; that is, when everyone starts switching to the competition.

The best part about Lycamobile is in international calls. Calls to Malaysia costs 19c per call with unlimited talk time. Lebara has dropped its rates now to 25c per call and unlimited talk time. Forget about Telstra, Optus, and even TPG; their charges are outrageous in comparison.

The other outstanding feature of Lycamobile is the convenience of international roaming. You do not need to do anyting to activate it when holidaying overseas, and the prepaid model makes sure you will never be slugged with a huge bill.You can receive SMS for free, and send SMS for between 22c to $1 per SMS, depending on country. Voice calls are not cheap though. In the UK and many parts of Europe, you can call for 88c per min and receive calls at 30c per min. For other countries (including Malaysia), you will pay more than $10 per min. Yes, $10.00+ per min!

Local calls are also not bad. Lycamobile charges 12c/min and no flagfall (during promotional period; no indication what comes after). TPG Mobile $1 Plan charges 10c per flagfall + 10c/min. Lebara charges 25c per flagfall + 15c/min. These apply to calls to either landline or mobile.

My recommendation to recent migrant folks: get a Lycamobile and dedicate one of your unused mobile phones for international calls. Because of the ease of invoking international roaming, you may not want to give out your Lycamobile number as your primary contact. Each $10 recharge expires after 3 months.



Vik said...

but where is the comparsion between Lyca and Lebara (as the topic mentions) ?

YM said...

The comparison was in prose and not in a chart. Sorry to disappoint. But do check each provider out individually as this blog was written a while ago. Things change very quickly with the telcos.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of balance, I've found Lycamobile to be hopeless. I've twice ordered SIM cards, and twice they've failed to arrive. If you want to make money, you have to deliver the goods, and they don't seem able to do that.