Monday, April 11, 2011

Bali, a paradise no more?

I have a outdated notion of Bali. When I was young I used to think of Bali as a tropical paradise; can you imagine that coming from someone who actually grew up in the tropics? My juvenile impression of Bali was based on rural Malay life in Malaysia. I imagined it to be like the villages I have known and loved, only more idealised. I thought of Bali as a place of swaying coconut trees and friendly sarong-clad villagers who are more than happy to welcome visitors into their midst.

I have a trip planned for Bali in the beginning of next year. While it will be a fulfillment of my childhood desire to visit the place, I am afraid it will also bring an end to my fantasy. I have read too many accounts of mounting crime in Bali, terrorist attacks, and atrocities against Christians, to consider for a moment that this trip will be the visualization of my hidden fantasy. I still hope to be wrong.....

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