Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Entering the PSA competition

Today I finally took my first step in entering an international photography competition. Granted, this is a competition that anybody can enter. There is no minimum criteria, so I am not going to talk about what a great photographer I am just because I submitted my first entry to the Photographic Society of America.

This is a logical step for me to take. It aligns my line of sight straight to the final destination of my pursuit in photography. It is a necessary step for accruing points towards getting a recognition from the Australian Photographic Society, of which I am now a member. If any image is accepted into a national or international competition, I get some points.

As I shift my sight to competitions beginning this year, I also find that my taste in photography is changing. I become more perceptive of images that are designed to sit in photography competitions, and those that are made for commercial purposes. Cliched shots are great for improving one's shooting skills. They do well at local levels, but have no great potential in high level competitions.

So what do I shoot now? I'll still shoot the same things, but hopefully more thoughtfully and less prayerfully.

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