Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharing photos in Dropbox

Whenever I take photos at a function, people often ask me to send their pictures to them. I used to think Facebook is good for this purpose, but due to privacy concerns, I now choose to do so via the "Photo" folder in Dropbox.

Facebook if great for sharing photos if you enjoy having your photos viewed by anyone and everyone. Many people are actually uneasy about this because it can potentially go viral. Also, many people feel that their safety is compromised by Facebook's endless linking of one person to another. Some people actually asked to have certain pictures deleted after viewing it, while others specifically asked for their photos not to be put on Facebook.

Dropbox, on the other hand,  is wonderful for sharing photos with ease and without encumbrances. When you sign up for an free Dropbox account, in addition to your own private folder, there is also a folder called "Photos". Create your own subfolder in here, copy the link (highlight subfolder>>Dropbox>>copy public gallery link), and email the link to your friends. Your friends can then view the photos easily, and choose to download any pictures they want and at the original resolution. You cannot navigate to any other subfolders (thus ensuring privacy), unlike sharing photos in any other online albums.

To see my sample photo subfolder, use this link I have copied: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/27303918/1/20110831_sample%20photos?h=a052da

To see a full demo of Dropbox or to sign up for an account, go to:  http://db.tt/AdPBFQu

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