Thursday, August 4, 2011

War on crime

Who are we kidding? The war on crime has never been a real "war."

In today's news, a German court awarded more than $4020 in damages to as child murderer. The public was outraged when the regional court ruled that the human dignity of Magnus Gaefgen has been violated  because during questioning police threatened him with "unimaginable pain." As it turns out, Gaefgen had already killed the child while under interrogation by police. In the bid to be politically correct, an imbecile judge has given more dignity to the criminal than to the parents of the child. The judge did not consider the unimaginable pain the parents had to suffer forever, while all the criminal had to do was to confess to what he had done and he would be spared the pain.

The war on crime has never been a real war. In war, adversaries will do anything to gain victory, including torturing prisoners. Our democratic system is formed on the basis of doing what is best for the greater good, yet Western governments are failing to do exactly that when it comes to war on crime. Criminals have more rights to humane treatment than the people they victimize. Their identities are hidden by privacy laws. In detention they are given free board and lodging; and they can sue the government for ill treatment and hardship unless they are given all the amenities you can find at home. If there is a war on crime, then the criminals must be winning hands down. Even white-collared corporate executives are turning to crime, for crying out loud. Everyone is having a party on this war on crime, thanks to politically correct brain-dead judges.

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