Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sometimes it is useful to be able to just create a softcopy output (i.e. a pdf file) instead of a printed copy. A softcopy can be readily emailed to other people, or stored in the computer to be printed at a later date.

One very useful freeware that can do this job is called PDFCreator. I have used this software for many years now. Once downloaded and installed on your computer, it will become your virtual printer. When you send a document to print, the selection of printers will include "PDFCreator". Selecting this option will enable you to preview the document, change setup (like landscape or portrait mode selection, etc), and save it to a designated location on your computer as a pdf file.

I have found this software to be very useful when I carry out transactions on the internet. Instead of printing a receipt, I just "print" it to my virtual printer and store the receipt as a softcopy.

To download the latest version of this software, go to:

Here is the printer selection screen, with PDFCreator installed:

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