Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cheap drugs for addicts?

In Australia, you can find injection rooms in some places where there are many drug addicts. The government's idea is that by providing this facility, it will help keep addicts out of trouble and thereby improve peace and security in the area. Soemtimes you will also hear people arguing for drugs like marijuana to be made freely available so that it will bring the street price down. The say that drug addicts will find a way to get their fix no matter what, so why not just oblige? Then there will be less drug-related crime, these people believe.

In my opinion, the people who advocate cheap or easy drugs are taking a very narrow view of the problem. In the broader view, drug abuse does not destroy just one life; it also destroys the family. By trying to eliminate the availability of drugs, it is hoped that fewer people will exposed to it and become addicts. It is not just about making it difficult for an addict to obtain it. It is about making it hard for everyone to get it. I think the advocates of easy drugs need to get this straight.

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