Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Christian's relationship with God

I know that many people still continue to grapple with the issue of whether salvation is by works or by faith. Once a believer has accepted Christ, can he lose his salvation? Putting it another way, if a person has accepted Christ and Christ lives in him, does that mean he should not have the capacity to sin anymore?

The relationship between a believer and God is very easy to understand if we were to think of the relationship between a child and his parent. As a father to my children, I consider my children as being permanently mine. Nothing can change that. I will love them no matter what they do to hurt me or disappoint me. Likewise, once a person has accepted God into his life, the Bible says he becomes a child of God. He has become heir and co-heir with Christ. Nothing can ever break that relationship. As it is only natural that a child desires to please his parents, likewise it is with God. As children of God, we want to do things that please God. God wants us to trust and obey Him, just as it would make me very happy when my children trust and obey me. That is the simple truth.

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