Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life changing moments

Can you recall any of your life changing moments? Sometimes something that seems insignificant at that time can turn into a life changing moment when you look back years later. I recall a time when I was just a few years old. I still remember that day clearly in my mind. My 6th Uncle (on my mother's side) came to visit. I don't recall him visiting us at any other time during my childhood, but it was on the fateful day that something happened that will have long lasting impact on my life. My uncle was in his late teens or early twenties at that time and he was taking a course in electronics. On this visit he brought along a sound recorder and proudly got the family together to see what he could do. The technology at that time uses magnetic tape that is wound from one spool to another as you record (like a movie reel). The recorder itself was quite an impressive mechanical contraption that preceded the cassette recorder, which some of you may still remember about . I sang a nursery rhyme after much coaxing. Other than that, I never saw or heard about the recorder again. It must have been quite a short lived career aspiration for 6th Uncle.

Years passed and I find that recording audio, video, and still images (photography) has become a deep-seated passion in my life. I cherish the ability to record and preserve moments of history, so that I can revisit it over and over again. The memories can be preserved forever. My beloved family and extended family will never fade from my mind. My passion grew from that life changing moment when 6th Uncle came to visit.

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