Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ipod Touch envy

I bought my daughter a 64GB iPod Touch recently. As I always do before buying any gadget, I studied the product thoroughly and gave it my full blessing. It is really sleek and I could feel a sense of envy of the Touch over my humble Nokia N73 smartphone. I am talking about the apps and all the cool things the Touch could do. It did cross my mind to get one for myself.

Well, the envy phase lasted about two weeks. I am never a games person. I am really only interested to use the practical tools like dictionary, camera, voice recorder, video player, electronic book reader, and such. So I proceeded to removed most of the games from my N73; my applications run faster now, and I am still as pleased with the N73 as ever. To seal off my "iPod Touch- envy", I asked my daughter to show me how quickly she could take down some notes on her Touch. She opened up the notes app, and proceeded to use the QWERTY keyboard on the screen to type something. Cool. In comparison, I pressed 2 hotkeys on my N73 and I could immediately take notes without typing anything. I rest my case. My iPod Touch envy period has ground to a halt. Yes, the iPod is really cool, but I'll stick to the N73 for quite a while yet. And it takes fairly good pictures and can email photos to my photo blog.

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