Monday, January 4, 2010

Stabbing death of Indian man in Footscray

A young Indian, 21-year Nitin Garg, has just been stabbed to death in West Footscray. Naturally there's an outpouring of feelings from the public, with India quickly condemning the killing as being racially motivated. This premature conclusion is justifiably so, yet we now know that on the same night another non-Indian was also admitted to the same hospital with 6 stab wounds.

I think we should all pause and think of our own unspoken reaction to this incident. Do we see this just as a piece of news and it has nothing to do with our lives? Or do we judge that the killer should be given benefit of the doubt and thereby we opt for political correctness in reserving our "judgment"? Or do we take sides with the racial discrimination debate, while ignoring the fact that the victim's chest had been sliced open and the wound runs from his abdomen to his heart?

Somewhere in Nitin Garg's home in India, a family's life has been irreparably shattered. The grief of his parents cannot be fathomed, except by one who has lost a child before. Emptiness fills the home that once looked forward to his return, and now painfully dreads the coming back of his remains. I am sure if we put ourselves in the shoes of his loved ones, no matter what our initial reaction to the killing may be, deep in our heart we are all human and we have compassion for one another.

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