Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Carbike" idea

What if we cross a motorbike and a car? We might get a "carbike" that is low in fuel consumption, useful like a car, and fun to ride like a motorbike. Imagine a motorbike with four wheels spread out from the middle, which seats like a motorbike and has a handlebar instead of steering wheel. In fact, it would look like a regular motorbike suspended on 4 wheels. When you ride it, you will get the same exhilaration as on a motorbike, with wind blowing through your hair. But you have the safety of a car in the sense that you are riding on 4 wheels (lower risk of falling over). With a little bit of imagination, you can even create a storage area. Ideally, the wheels should be spread out to the size of a small compact car. I think this would be a great recreational vehicle that is also useful for running errands.

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