Thursday, March 4, 2010

Voice recorder on my phone

During my recent trip to Malaysia I made good use of the voice recorder on my mobile phone. Instead of taking snapshots of people, this time I made a conscious effort to record voice. Now, I can play back the voice of my parents, relatives, and friends. I can even use the recordings for my slideshows.

Here is what I did it. Remember the Ultimate Voice Recorder I blogged about some time ago? It automatically records all conversations on my mobile phone. It did a great job too. The recordings were crisp and clear; much better than what you get when using a videocam. I made 140 calls on my mobile phone on my recent trip to Malaysia. I now have 140 voices of people near and dear to me. My daughter says it is "creepy" but I think it is a wonderful way to preserve memory. If snapping someone's picture is not creepy, why would recording the person's voice be? What is your opinion?

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