Sunday, March 7, 2010

Out of memory problem

This might seem like a yawner, but read on... you might learn something new. When my Nokia N73 mobile phone started giving me "out of memory" problem a few months ago, I did the usual thing, which was to delete unwanted files. It happened again a month ago, and I started to delete less frequently used applications in order to free up memory. Mind you, I keep all my data files on a separate 2GB SDHC card. So it puzzled me why the phone memory should be getting less and less although nothing new was added.

This week, the "out of memory" problem cropped up again. I couldn't use any applications on my phone and I couldn't compose any SMS. I could only make and receive calls. I did the next thing I could, which was to google for an answer. I discovered that this is not an unusual problem. As you use your phone, more and more junk files are created. They are invisible to you and the only way to clean them is to practically reformat the memory in the phone. I am happy to say I managed to use the tips I found to free up the memory. I now have about 32Mb free, out of the original 45Mb that comes with the phone. In comparison, I was operating on only 1Mb of free memory prior to this. High five.

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