Friday, March 5, 2010

Why I love my old car

The next time you feel envious of someone else's good looking car, remember this: hailstone does not discriminate. We just had a heavy hailstorm this afternoon. I was caught on the road with no shelter to turn to. The hailstones were of golf-ball size. Needless to say I now have quite a few dents on my car roof. My only consolation is that my car is now seven years old. At that age, looks doesn't matter. Who needs a new car anyway?

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Carry said...

In old cars, looks don’t really matter because the car proved its worth to their owner. I think having a new car always depends on the situation. If the car is always posing problems to its owner, it’s advisable to replace it already. But if the car is the same as you have, which is still in good condition, I think it just needs some tune-ups and maintenance and it will still be fine.

Carry Bacot