Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Errors can be a blessing

Our normal reaction is to feel agitated when someone makes a error. It was especially so when the same error was made three times in a row on our flights on Air Asia. In the first case, my wife paid for a seat with extra leg room and she was not given that. In the second case, on our recent trip to Malaysia, it happened again but I managed to point it out and it was corrected at the check-in counter itself. On our return flight to Melbourne, it happened for the third time. We were given normal seats, despite my request to the check-in attendant to make doubly sure (which she failed to do). Seated next to a very overweight lady, I was feeling quite disappointed with Air Asia for failing to deliver time and again. I made a complaint to a cabin crew, who took my booking information and didn't come back until much later. Much to my delight, the cabin crew led me and my wife to the premium class cabin where she said "choose any seats you like." We had the best flight of our life, because the seats are the modern type where you can fold all the way back into a bed. Perhaps I should hope for the airline to make the same seat assignment error every time I fly Air Asia. Attached is a picture of me looking very happy and comfortable in my premium class seat.

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Vincent Chin said...

Next time - don't fly AIr Asia!!