Friday, November 5, 2010

How people see differently

When I show off my Kindle, I get different types of response. Some people just take one look and you will get the hint that they are not interested. Others look at it and comment that the iPad can do the same and more. Only once did one friend get as impressed with the gadget as I was on my first encounter.

The first group of people view the gadget from a superficial or aesthetics point of view. They have to be "sold" on the item before they can relate to it.

The second group of people look at it from a functional point of view. They are more discerning (i.e with regards to the gadget) than the first group, but they are usually not too analytical in approach. Their only concern is what they can do with the gadget. Any gadget that can do the same thing is no different from the other.

The third group is one who looks beyond the appearance and functionality of the gadget. He has an interest in the design, quality, and performance of the gadget. He is interested in the features. He compares the gadget with other similar products of its class.

Whether you are trying to sell soemthing, or whether you are seeking the opinion of someone before buying something, it is good to know who you are talking to!

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