Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lyrics Tube

Back in the B.C. days (before computer, that is), I remember how we used to seek out song lyrics and then hand copy into our own notebook. Xerox was not available yet, much less the computer. We copied lyrics from magazines and from one another's collections as if they were prized commodities. There were no MP3's and all the songs were in records or cassette tapes, which were not easy to duplicate and keep.

Along comes Lyrics Tube; see: This site is almost ideal for someone like me. It has all the oldies, lyrics, and video to go along. With it I can learn up any song without searching for the MP3 all over the internet. This very useful for learning a song to play on the guitar, as you can play repeatedly on any section by just moving the video slider. This is really great! Check it out!

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