Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Notes to myself: camera upgrade?

Lately I have been thinking of upgrading to a full frame camera. Camera-envy is certainly one of my weaker points. In justification , I think of all the advantages one can genuinely get from a full frame camera like the D700, such as true wide angle and shallower depth of field. Coming back from the club meeting tonight, I changed my mind. I have a renewed commitment to my D90 now.

I realize that whatever faults I have laid charge on the D90, they are mostly to do with technique and skill. It is easy enough to set the camera to fully auto mode and get a mostly good enough picture most of the time. But that is not what photography is to me. My quest is not only in composing a good image, but also in having full control over the equipment.

Tonight as I mingled with the other club members and listening to their conversations, I found that one is also striving to get the image sharp (this guy has a D700); and another manually compensates the exposure (this other guy has a D5 MkII). Both members are very experience photographers themselves. They too are on similar quest to polish their skills. Tonight, I am determined to keep working on my D90 to get it to make sharp focusing and perfect exposure a repeatable experience. I know the D90 is capable. I know I am not quite there yet. I look forward to the renewed challenge I have given myself. D700 can wait.

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