Monday, November 15, 2010

Is money the solution to all problems?

As the state election draws near, it seems that the only election pitch our politicians know how to make is to pitch in more money into every problem. Crime rate high? Have more policemen. Declining educational standard? Have smaller classes and hire more teachers. Long waiting list in hospital? Build more hospitals and hire more doctors. The list goes on and on. Just keep promising more funds for every problem that excites the voters.

I dare say that many problems arise from poor conception and design, poor implementation (bad project management, like the Myki project), and subsequently, poor administration. Basically, many problems are due to putting incapable people to manage and to lead. That is why the election process is designed to replace all who are past their used-by date. Instead of addressing the root causes, what we see is both major political parties doing their porkbarreling best in the run up to Election Day. In a real-world corporation, under such a system of management the company would have folded a long time ago.

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